My e200 has gone crazy

Recently every time I turn it on it refreshes the database, whereas it used to go back to where the last tune was paused. It started when i put a second copy of 3 tunes onto it. Once I realized there were two copies I deleted 1 of each. I’ve tried re-setting the unit but no help. Tried formatting it but when I turn the unit back on all tunes re-appear in the database. Also The unit does not keep time now. Even removed the battery for two hours with no luck. Lastly when I hook it up to my computer, at fisrt the device is not recognized but if I wait 2 minutes it is then recognized. HELP! I’m new at this as my techno brother usually fixes it but alas he is not available. Thanks

It’s possible that the format and reset have switched the USB Mode of the unit. It behaves differently in each mode.  Go to Settings and change the USB Mode from what it is–MSC to MTP or vice versa–and try connecting.  If it’s Auto, try MSC first, then MTP. 

Still no love? Then try deleting the database.

Look in Settings/Firmware Info.

While you’re in Settings put the unit in MSC under USB Mode. 

If the firmware starts with 1. x the database is the DATA folder inside the SYSTEM folder. Those are hidden by default in Windows–you need to Un-hide them in Windows.

If the firmware version starts with 3.x the database is mtable.sys .

Deleting the database may help and it can’t hurt. The database is the list compiled by the E200, not the songs themselves. When it refreshes, it should only see what’s on the unit now.  

Tried deleating database, no luck. Forgot that my player is a e250 v2 with the latest firmware update

Did you try changing mode?

In MTP mode there is no database refresh when you turn it on.

In MSC mode there is. 

Tried changing and it still refreshes database