e130 updater


I specifically need the firmware for the e130. I took out the SD and my bro formatted it to NTSF thinking he could get more song storage, and now it doesnt operate.


was the e100 or the sd card formatted as NTFS?

Actually the SD card was out when he did it. I believe that it was Fat format.

you can just reformat into FAT or FAT 32.

here is the link to the e100 firmware

hey drlucky;

    thanks for the link to the firmware updater, however I am still experiencing issues. For some reason once I connected the device via USB, I now see 2 different storage links for the e130. I could also, for some reason, not format it. So I downloaded the Firmware update and hoped that would help, nothing. I let it run all night and nothing was detected.

[Fast Forward]

Fifteen Minutes ago, I reconnected the device, hoping I was missing something, and then my computer, which is running Vista Ultimate, said that I need to Format drive J. Drive J is the one of the drives that is connected with the e130. So I refomatted it to Fat32, leaving the allocation size at default. So now I am running the updater again.

My question is, Has anyone every had this happen before and is it recoverable? Also, what are the proper procedures to use the updater? The site says run the software then plug in your device, but if your device isn’t being recognized properly, will it still work to correct the issue?

Finally, how long does it take to detect the device?

I really appreciate your help with this. I know that there are inexpensive replacements for this model mp3 player, but I am strapped and miss listening to my books and music.

i risked my e130 and format it to NTFS just so i can answer your question…:smiley:
i formated it back to FAT with default allocation size and it worked. i dont have to update the firmware.

I tested it as well, and have the same results as Markqck… works as long as you format back to FAT.  Tested on Win Vista

sorry for the double post.

But I appreciate your help and risks, though for some reason my system still does not recognize it as the Sansa e130, and shows 2 different locations for storage.

I spose it is time to call tech support and maybe even RMA :frowning:

I dont think formating that card would affect the functionality of the player itself. It should remain the same and any new sd card you inserted shoudl work as before. But give Technical Support a call, it may be defective,  866.SanDisk