e130 Not recognized

I have tried the updater, though it never detects when I have the e130 plugged in. Right now I am using Vista Ultimate, and about 2 minutes after i plug in the player a message pops up saying that in order for the drive to be usable I have to format it.

I am posting below a recap of what has been going on, but in brief I will add what started this all.

I had an SD card in there as well as musing stored internally. Took out the SD card. My little brother wanted thought that by formatting it to NTSF he could get more room. Formatted the drive, and then the whole player will not be recognized properly.


thanks for the link to the firmware updater, however I am still experiencing issues. For some reason once I connected the device via USB, I now see 2 different storage links for the e130. I could also, for some reason, not format it. So I downloaded the Firmware update and hoped that would help, nothing. I let it run all night and nothing was detected.

[Fast Forward]

Fifteen Minutes ago, I reconnected the device, hoping I was missing something, and then my computer, which is running Vista Ultimate, said that I need to Format drive J. Drive J is the one of the drives that is connected with the e130. So I refomatted it to Fat32, leaving the allocation size at default. So now I am running the updater again.

My question is, Has anyone every had this happen before and is it recoverable? Also, what are the proper procedures to use the updater? The site says run the software then plug in your device, but if your device isn’t being recognized properly, will it still work to correct the issue?

Finally, how long does it take to detect the device?

I really appreciate your help with this. I know that there are inexpensive replacements for this model mp3 player, but I am strapped and miss listening to my books and music.

[/end Recap]

I would really like to get this up and running, that is why I am trying the forums first. Perhaps someone has experienced this issue? I am afraid to try and call CS, usually ends up with someone asking if I turned the power on… O.o

Thanks in advance

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