E100 - SD Card Issues

Hi there…I just got a new 2GB Sandisk SD card for my E130 and having some problems.  It appears that my E130 is recognizing the SD Card but I can’t see it in "My Computer "when I hook it up via the USB…According to the manual the new SD Card should just show up in My Computer as an additional drive…However it isn’t there. 

I did update the firmware but no change…does anyone have any ideas how to get this SD card to show up so I can actually load music on to it? 

I am running windows XP…

Thanks for any help you can provide…Scott

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Try putting the SD card into a card reader, and see what happens instead.

I did hook it up to my wifes computer and it seemed to be recognized fine on that so the card is good but it just isn’t being recognized on my computer for some reason.  The player itself is recognized and when I review the properties on it it shows that there are 2-drives but I can’t get to the second one to do anything with it.  It is really bizzare and I am definitely starting to exceed my knowledge on what I can do to fix it…