e260 v 2 microsd card not recognized

I have a feeling that this is some stupid oversight on my end but I have tried everything I can find (non destructive) without any progress. I have an e260 v2 player (firmware version v 03.01.16A per Info screen). My GF has been using it w/o probs for several years but is running out of space for music in the 4 gb internal storage. I have tried 3 different microSD cards (Sandisk, AData, etc, 4 gb or 8 gb.) in the e260 w/o the player apparently recognizing the microSD card is there. All of these cards work elsewhere (i.e. smart phones, tablets, PC media reader). After inserting the cards, the e260 will give the message “Refreshing the database” which I thought might be an indication that the e260 had seen some change in the storage media (??). When I look at the Info screen after power on after inserting the SD card, it just shows the 4 gb internal. I have tried formatting the SD card (out of the e260) with windows and with SD formatter ( a tool that was needed to format the SD card for my tablet) to no avail. I have gone through the forum and mostly found version 1 problems. Am I missing something basic for initial addition of an SD card??

Any help would be appreciated. I am reluctant to go to Rockbox since my GF is so comfortable the UI for the existing player. Thanks in advance.

Have you ever successfully used a card in this unit before? Sounds like a defective card slot to me; it’s recognizing a card is inserted, but not reading it.

No, the 4 gb internal had always been enough for her before. I was hoping this was ignorance on my part since I haven’t had any hardware/software issues with the device before. Is there any chance that this is something I might be able to repair??

Unfortunately not. Even Rockbox can’t fix a hardware problem.

Ah well, such a shame since I had a couple of currently unused SD cards. Thanks for yor advice.