Wierd Micro SD Card Problem

Hey, guys.

I have a wierd problem with my 4GB microSD card. I use this card with my Sansa e200, and it’s working fine. I loaded music onto the card via microSD adapter/card reader, and I can listen to all this music on the e200. However, something that I stumbled on recently is that when I went to connect the card to my computer with the same adapter/card reader, it doesn’t register at all on my PC. A drive shows up on My Computer, but when I click on it, it says “Please insert drive.” But then when I reinsert the card into the e200, all the music is there and everything works. But when I try the card reader again, same thing. It seems to be simply not registering on my PC with the USB card reader. So I checked my card reader with another SD card, and it works fine…

Would you guys agree that the problem seems to be indicated at the microSD card adapter? Or is it possible that some software had gotten corrupted on the card during its use with the e200? I have connected the e200 to my PC with the USB without turning it on and holding the left button first. I know that this is the standard procedure to connecting Rockboxed e200 units to the PC, but since it sync’ed, I thought it was an OK thing to do.

Note: Prior to this discovery, I had noticed that it progressively took longer and longer for the card to register on my PC. What I mean is that the drive would show up, and a window opens upon double-clicking, but no files would be visible/accessible for almost a minute. I don’t know whether these two symptons are related to a single cause.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.