E100 Series (E130 and E140) Firmware update

Here is a link to the firmware update page for the E100 series. This firmware has not been updated in a while and never may again, but for those of you who bought the E Series awhile ago you may have the first version and therefore eligible to upgrade.

For some reason this page is not easy to find doing a Sandisk search…I had to go thru google.


May I ask what is the latest version of the E130?
I have 1.0.010 and think I am okay but wonder how outdated this may be. Thanks.

There are two versions of the player.  1.0.010 is the most recent firmware version for the v1 player.

 I have downloaded this file and it says that it is (sansa - when I try to update my e140 it stops forever on detecting and I finally have given up after three attempts. Any suggestions??? Sansa has been of no help.

theThank you very much, ever i need return to this page for get the firmware

The link is not working…

@hernan wrote:

The link is not working…

I don’t doubt it after almost 5 years. :dizzy_face:

Try this one:



Hi. I have just found my long lost e140 after missing it for about 5 years :slight_smile:

I have firmware version 1.0.010 A

Is there a later version or was this the last one? If there is a later one, would someone please point me to it? It is not in the list of available firmware that I found in another thread here.

I am running Windows 8 :frowning:  and the firmware updater would not work. I have also read that it is better to update manually, which has led me here. 

Thanks in advance for any help.

Did you try clicking on the link I provided in my post directly above yours? :confounded:

Yes, I did. And I followed the link. But since it is a pointer to the firmware installer, which I was not looking for, I did not read right to the end of the installation instructions.  Now that I have done that, the answer seems to be that I already have the latest version. It would have been more helpful and less sarcastic if you had just said so. Have a nice day.

You might have indicated that then in your original post. We’re not mind-readers here you know. And when someone asks for something that is posted right in front of them, how do you expect one here to respond?

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