Dual-monitor problems

Installed SMC 1.0 B004.256CDG

What a horrible piece of software!

First - when installing (Windows XP/SP3), Windows brings up an error message telling me the sofwtare has repalced system files and to keep the integrity of my system, I need to insert my original Windows XP CD. (Which I don’t have handy. Windows install files are on the hard drive but there’s no option other than to use the CD or leave the system in the unstable mode of having this software overwriting Windows system files)

Second & more important - I run 2 monitors - Notebook screen & 2nd monitor placed to the LEFT of primary monitor:  2  |  1

When I run SMC and CONVERT, with SMC running from monitor 2, monitor 2 goes BLACK. Totally black. Nothing on it at all. The conversion actually runs, and the monitor will return to normal after conversion completes (assuming it completes) which can take a LONG time. In the meantime, any other windows that were visible on monitor 2, or any programs opened that display by default (by virtue of their previous placement) are invisible as the monitor has been rendered useless by this incompetent software.

If I run SMC on monitor 1, when I start to convert, the progress/display on monitor 1 is normal, but monitor 2 is OVERTAKEN by this rougue software and plays, full screen, the video I am converting! Nothing can remove it or allow me to see the contents on that monitor until the conversion completes.

What a sorry piece of software.

I have a desktop and I run dual 19 inch LCD monitors in horizontal span mode. I haven’t had any problems with the SMC installation or operation in any way.