SMC is not consistant

hi all,

I’ve solved most of my problems with SMC by installing the codecs as indicated on this thread:\_by=score&advanced=true&q=k-lite+directx9&phrase=&one\_or\_more=&without=&f=subject&f=body&f=attach&page\_size=10&author=&=&ratingstart=&ratingend=

I don’t even need to use another converter - it works directly with SMC

the only thing is that with some videos I’m trying right now, when I do several files at a time, the first file works perfectly but the other ones are cut after 30mins, and the image is completley hazy (as if I could see diifferent parts of the image in different places of the screen). So  I have to do onea at a time, and cannot launch a batch of files when I go to sleep.

Any ideas?


It’s probably a good idea to do them one at a time. That way you can check each one for errors, rather than finding out they’re all screwed up. Less to re-do that way. :wink: