Driver when mp3-player crash

When i download new firmware my PC shotdown. So,i think, i have bad firmware   on my Clip. I can it turn on. Only what working, its push volume+power about 20 sec. After that i can see FW upgrading. Dont disconnect. But it doesnt work/ SO when i connecting to PC i have new unknown device USB\VID_10D6&PID_10D6&REV_0100. Where can i find thise driver. Sansa updater doesnt help

if it is not being recognized by the computer when plugged in and it is stuck in the upgrading FW loop when disconnected there really is not a recovery mode that can be used. It will need to be replaced. See links below. you can request a replacement or open a support ticket with sandisk support. 

Request a replacement 

open a support ticket

I just had the same problem. I started by clicking on the Windows icon for Safely removing media and selecting the Clip Sport. I waited then unplugged the Clip Sport.

Then a message “FW Updating” appeared in bright white on the Clip Sport itself. Presumably, FW means “firmware”, and it was in a stupid mode where it was transferring one byte at a time to the Clip Sport, with no user support.

I tried fixing the problem, and finally found that holding down the main/power/center button for about 10 or 15 seconds interrupted the mode, and returned the unit to proper operation. This information should be added to the user manual, IMO.

I tested by plugging it back into the computer. The computer reported identifying the Clip Sport device properly.

Windows 8.1

I just posted a better solution. I can’t see the post, however. Best of luck.