Sansa Clip Sport Recovery Mode?

My Clip Sport appears to have corrupted files or a corrupted file system. The computer will not recognize it at all. I have tried resetting from the power button, holding the power button down for a period of time, forcing it into MSC mode with the center button, using different cables etc… I know you can force other Sansa players into Recovery Mode so that you can format and reload the firmware by bridging two pins near the bottom left of the player. Is this possible with the Clip Sport?? If so, where are these pins located? Please help!! Do not want to buy another player. I like this one.

as far as I know the sport does not ahve a recovery mode. The first sandisk player had one and the clip+ and clip zip had forced MSC mode but the sport is MSC only and does not seem to have a recovery mode. If you are unable to recover the sport if it is within the warranty contact sandisk for a replacement. 

Unfortunately I am not within the warranty period. I do not understand why Sansa would not put a way to fix these types of problems. Maybe it was made faulty on purpose so people would have to buy new ones. I dont know. I am very frustrated at this point. It is unlikely I will be buying Sandisk again.

If there is not Recovery Mode for the clip sport is there a way that the device can be reformatted if the file system is corrupted to a point that the device will not appear on a computer regularly?

can you loan into the system UI? If so you can format in settings… If you cannot get in the the UI (freezing on the welcome screen, etc) and it is not detected by the computer there is nothing else I am aware of that can be done to unbrick it. 

If the PC won’t recognize the player, you could try giving it a long charge using an AC usb charger, then try connecting again. Are you using a rear usb port if the pc is a desktop? If you have a notebook, have you tried plugging in the notebook first before connecting the player? The front usb ports on a desktop, or a notebook running on battery power might not put out enough power to the usb port to power the player.

If there is a card in the player, have you tried removing the card before you try to connect? I assume you can’t get the player to turn on, otherwise you could format the player using the player menu. 

I am unable to get it to come on at all using any USB port. Tried charging with a USB ac charger and still had no luck. I have read that the clip+ is able to be formatted by bridging a couple pins together on the board. Why is this option not available on the sport?