Does not turn on

I loaded my sports clip under the computer’s USB, it charged up and everything was ok. I tried to update it to 1.38 early, but it was a FW-checker error. Everything only works after turning off and on again for two seconds, the sandisk logo goes out and goes out and nothing happens. What can be the cause and how to deal with it?


Repeat update to 1.38.

I can not reload 1.38 because the player is not recognized as mass storage and I do not have to reload the soft file. When connected to usb, the sandisk logo is constantly lit.

Same problem here kinda. My Clip Sport had this problem where sometimes it wouldn’t turn on, so I tried to “downgrade” the firmware by putting the old firmware file on the memory, and it got stuck into a bootloop. I would’ve returned it if I still had a warranty but downgrading was the only solution I could think about. Now my MP3 player is useless, it looks like an oversight in the firmware upgrade process.