Driver issue with Sandisk Clip Jam - How to Repair?

Hi there,

Trying to troubleshoot an issue with this new Clip Jam. Whenever I plug it into any laptop, I get an error message saying there is a “problem” with the Clip Jam (D:) drive. It gives an option to scan and fix any issues, which I have tried, but that does not solve it. I have tried clearing all files off of it, and this did not help. I have also tried resetting it with the 20 second hold on the power button and this did not help either.
I know it’s not an issue with the computer or the cord as I have tried it on multiple laptops with multiple cords, and have tried it with a different Clip Jam MP3 player which worked fine.

Is there any way to repair a driver on these mp3 players? Or will I need to take it to a shop where someone more skilled than I can look at it, or order a different one?

Thank you,

Hi @HugaDuck,

Please refer below link to update firmware SanDisk Clip Jam Firmware 1.16 and 0.02E Download and Installation Instructions:

Hope it helps!!