Hi, while coming back from a run my clip jam suddenly started lowering it’s volume down without any buttons being pressed. I was able to restore the volume back to its original level and then had the device cut out completely after a couple of seconds of playtime. 

I tried doing a reset while out but it didn’t work. I tried connecting it to the computer I typically manage the device with and it wasn’t recognized. I tried letting it charge for a full day on usb and the device still is unrecognized in the windows device manager as unknown device. 

When resetting the device while connected to a computer it will temporarily disconnect but when it reconnects it still shows up as unknown device with error code 28 “The drivers for this device are not installed”.

Nothing has appeared on the screen and the backlight has not worked since the device went out. 

I would appreicate any help on restoring this player or being able to exchange it. 

Depending on how long you’ve had it, you may be able to exchange it from where you purchased it. If not, contact SanDisk directly for a warranty replacement.