Recognised when plugged in then disappears when transferring files

Brand new item. Tried with the supplied USB cable and with two others, all of which work when used with other devices. Running Windows 7 and WinMediaPlayer 12.

Plug in the device and the computer recognises it. However, when attempting to transfer mp3 files, either using MediaPlayer or Explorer windows, the process errors and I get a message telling me that the device doesn’t exist. When I check the list of devices connected to the computer, sure enough, it’s disappeared from the list.

I just don’t know what’s going on. Can anyone please give me some pointers or explain? If I’m missing something obvious, I’d love to know!


sounds like a bad player. it will most likely need to be replaced. either take it back to the store of contact sandisk support to check warranty status. 

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If you have a desktop pc, are you connecting it to a rear usb port directly, and not through a hub or usb extension cable?If you are unsing a notecbook pc, are you plugging it in to charge before connecting the player directly to the usb port?