Computer not showing Device

My computer is not recognizing my ClipJam. Previously I would just plug it in to my computer and it was show as a portable device. I would just drag and drop tracks from my Windows Media Player into the ClipJam folder but it’s not even showing on the menu. I’ve changed cables, moved USB drives, checked my drivers and nothing I do will get my computer to recognize the device. Plug it in and nothing happens. Super frustrated!

Do you have more than one micro USB cable available?  Maybe one or more of your cables do not properly communicate with your Clip Jam?  The Clip Jam comes with a short micro USB cable that allows charging AND data communication with the player.

Here is a link to my favorite discussion of this topic. 

Yes, I changed cables several times and am pretty sure I am using the cable that come with the player. Plus, it’s the same cable I have always used and it worked fine before. 

Really sorry about your problem with the Clip Jam.

Maybe take a look at this “unresolved” discussion a few days ago concerning the Clip Sport.