download in wrong order

I have a sansa clip + 4 gb that will not play the audio books in the correct order. It plays 16 of 16 not 1 of 16 and then mixes the rest of the order .  When I listen to the audio books on the computer they are in the correct order. I have them in mp3 format on the computer and download from there to sansa.  Any Ideas??? Thanks

Your computer will read and play them accordiing to file name. Your Sansa mp3 player (all of them) reads and plays by the information in the ID3 tag in the file. You need to edit your tags.

For more info, look around and/or use the Search function. This question is asked at least once or twice a week and there’s only about a gazillion posts/threads already on the subject of playing order and tags.

However, your Clip+ does have a Folder mode at the bottom of the Music menu. You might try playing them from here and see if they play in order. I don’t use it myself as all of my files get their tags checked and/or edited before they ever reach my player.