Doubled My Folders, But Empty of Contents

After disconnecting my SansaFuze - which I’d been recharging only - the screen came on to an audiobook I had and froze there. I left the Sansa alone for 15 minutes and as it appeared frozen, I moved the on switch up and held it until the device shutdown.

Unfortunately, now my Database of audiobooks appears gone - although the System Info screen shows they’re still occupying several Gb of memory - and despite trying advice given to people (checking USB mode, using Windows Media Player 11, finding mtable.sys and deleting it then refreshing Database, etc.) with somewhat similar problems (invisible files) I can’t access my files either with Sansa alone or via WiMP 11.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that the folders are there and Doubled. That is, there are now 2 Audiobook folders, 2 Music Folders, 2 Voice Recording Folders, etc. They’re all empty though.

I also seem to have retained all my photos (and can see them though the Photo Folder is empty), one video, and one voice recording. The main thing is all those audiobooks; there but not accessible.

It’s as if my Sansa Fuze’s database refreshing were interrupted with the contents thrown into internal memory without labels; the Sansa no longer does that “Refreshing Your Media” operation either.

Any possible solutions or explanations regarding getting the device up and running again. I fear I may have to format the Fuze and re-download my audiobooks.

Thanks very much for any help.

Message Edited by JonathanStrange on 06-10-2010 06:45 AM

Well I have the same problem Double folders all empty

my external memory card does not seem to be affected