Refreshing your Media freezes

I have 2 Sansa Fuse players.

One of them works perfect.

The other one freezes at Refreshing your Media,

and I cant access the menu, so I can only do

the soft reset.

Also, the device does not show in My Computer any more.

I had successfully loaded audiobooks on it.

Same computer and USB cord for both players.

When connected to the computer the display says Connected,

I left it plugged in most of the day, but the battery still shows only half green,

and there’s no little lightning symbol for charging

If there is MicroSD card on the Sansa take it out and try the reset again. If you do not have a MicroSD card on the Sansa then player might have gotten corrupted for some reasons. Formatting the Sansa should do the trick.

  1. Turn off the Sansa and slide the power switch down.

  2. Hold the left button (9 Oclock) and plug it to the computer.

  3. It should now be recognized by the computer. Go to My Computer and right-click on the Fuze and select format.

You’ve probably got 1 or more corrupted files or tracks with ID3 tags that your Fuze can’t decypher on the one that freezes during the database refresh.

Hi Jamieson,

 Thanks, that fixed everything.

All I had to do then, was reload my wife’s audiobook.

These players are great, but the websites you go to for download

are not very user friendly for novices.

I’m a commuter and find the Sansa Fuse a real godsend,

lots of interesting lectures, etc, better than listening to

the radio.

Thanks again

You’re welcome.:smiley: