Audiobook problems

I use Overdrive Media Console to download audiobooks into my “old” Fuze.  I made the mistake of updating the firmware and ever since when I download a book I cannot find it on the Fuze.  When I use Internet Explorer, it shows that the book and all of its parts are in the correct folder.  Any ideas?

I bought a second Fuze for my wife use and it came with updated Firmware (V.2) but has a different problem with audiobooks.  I can find the book in the folder but when I press play, it just fast forwards to the end of the book and hangs up in a pause mode.  Help!

For the first question, is it putting it anywhere on the Fuze?  Did you check “recently added” to see if maybe it went under Music instead. 

The second one, I’m not sure.  Instead of pressing the right of the scroll button (maybe too hard?) just press the center button of the scroll.

Doesn’t your Fuze showup under “My Computer”?  I use Overdrive and I updated the firmware.  But I have a Mac.  But you should see it under “Music” and under “Audiobooks”.  But I use click and drag (MSC).  It should be there somewhere…  You use “Transfer” in the Overdrive console correct?

Hope you fix your problem.  I can’t delete my unwanted audiobooks on the player.  Totally different problem there… 

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I checked all over.  The book didn’t go anywhere.  In Windows Explorer it shows up in Audiobook in the proper folder.

I’ll try the other solution.

The Fuze shows up under My Computer and I can see the books when looking at them from Windows.  I just can’t see them on the actual player.  The books are nowhere, according to the Fuze menu system.  The only thing that shows up is some instructions from Overdrive.  Yes, I did use transfer and, according to Overdrive, the book transferred.  According to Windows it transferred.

Look in the “Info” under “System Info” (I think) on the Fuze.  Does it show that bytes are used??? In other words does it show something has filled up some space?  I just can’t see why you can’t see it in the Fuze if you used “Transfer” in Overdrive console.  Have you looked under recent added?  Click on everything under Music.

I can’t tell if there are added bytes because there are many other files on the Fuze.  It is really strange.  Not only does Windows Explorer recognize the files on the Fuze, but I can use Windows Media Player to play the book right off of the Fuze.  But still no indication from the Fuze menus that is on the machine.  I have looked in every folder on the Fuze and it’s not there.  The only place that it should be is in Audio Books because that is where I loaded it and that is where Windows says that it is.  It shows up as a series of WMA files in the folder within Audio Books.  If I click on one of the files in Windows Explorer, it plays just fine on the computer.  I have tried deleting the books and downloading them again but I get the same result.

On the fuze, navigate to Music>Audiobooks to see the content

In explorer the directory should be Audiobooks.

Make sure the spelling is correct. It cannot be Audio Books or Audiobook . It needs to be the folder “Audiobooks”

If this fails, use the advanced tag editor to modify the genre to “Audiobook”.

I finally got a hold of the sansa support desk and he had me reformat the drive (sadly since I had many files on the disk) and that cured the problem.