All videos and audiobooks disappeared


I’ve been working with my sansa Fuze for 9 months and everything has worked fine. But something strange has happened. During playback (mp3) the fuze froze, and as usually I turn it off. When I turn it on, it updated database and all 6 videos and about 40 audiobooks disappeared. Mp3’s in the micro sd and Sansa was there, but videos and AB had gone.

Has someone had this kind of problem? Would it be some kind of degenerative problem?


PS: Sorry for my poor english.

Connect it to the computer and see if the missing files are still on the unit (but not being read by the database).

If they are, try erasing mtable.sys, which is the database, and let it rebuild again. 

No, all the files were completely erased. I put the last video again and the media converter told me nothing about repeated file, anyway in the windows explorer the folders appears empty.

I wish I had an explanation for you, but I don’t. It wouldn’t hurt to reinstall the firmware in case it has some kind of glitch.

Or you might try calling SanDisk Technical Support in your country.

Telephone support

They are apparently overhauling that whole system, so be patient if you don’t get through immediately.