display screen scratches

how does one deal with display screen acratches…ant tips

The Fuze+ has an anti-scratch coating that complicates matters a wee bit.  You can polish out fine scratches, then buff the face of the Fuze+ with a paste type wax.

Here’s an earlier discussion on the subject of scratches.  There was a mention of the Invisible Shield product there, great stuff for the new Fuze+, and the touchpad.


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the fuze+ has an anti-scratch coating? That’s the best joke I’ve read all day! If it really does then I want mine replaced under warrenty for DAY ONE scratches.

Indeed it does.  If you want to see a really tough acrylic face without a coating, the e200Sansa of excellent quality.  The Fuze, first and second version, also have coatings over the acrylic.  And so does the new Fuze+. 

Anti-scratch coatings are both a blessing and a curse, depending upon the nature of the abrasions suffered in the field.  This applies to eyeglass anti-scratch and glare coatings as well; once they’re scratched, you have to be careful not to traumatize the coating, or it will have to be removed to reclaim the complete surface.

I polished the Fuze+ with Novus polish successfully, but a subsequent trip in my gear bag was not so happy, as it rubbed against a badge face.  It took a good while, but I shaved the entire coating off, polished the face, and covered it completely with a plastic protective layer.

The resulting 2-mil coating attenuates the touchpad beautifully, I love its sensitivity now, just right.

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