scratch repair / repairing scratches

Has anyone out there ever successfully repaired scratches on the screen on a Fuze+?  I have some very fine-grit sandpaper and some PlastX in my garage already.  If anyone’s ever done it before, let me know what you used and how it turned out.


You might start here. There’s a lot of good info and suggestions.

The Fuze+ screen is unique, in that we have a single continuous face, with the touchpad below.

The face has a sprayed-on scratch resistant coating, so light abrasions can be buffed and polished, but deeper abrasions require removing the coating. I removed the coating on mine, and polished up the underlying acrylic nicely.

Atop this, I have a 3M plastic face applied, simple and easily replaceable.  As a bonus, the touchpad is attenuated slightly, making for a happy control experience.

For the long term, the Zagg Invisible Shield material will be ideal, though they don’t have a cover specific to the Fuze+, I am afraid.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Does applying the tape void the warranty?

@rosyjazz wrote:

Does applying the tape void the warranty?


No, but it makes a sticky mess if you ever remove it. :stuck_out_tongue: