Display screen not working?

I was on a road trip 3 days ago. It was working just fine then on our way home the screen went black but it was still playing music. I turned it off then latter i went to turn it back on and it would not turn back on. So i just guessed the battery needed to be charged. When i got home i went and plugged it into the computer to charge. Then next morning i went to turn it on and it did but the screen was still blank. The blue key pad was glowing like normal. I could also manage to play the music although i was just guessing where the lists were…

Has anyone had this problem? I really like this MP3 player and would like to fix it… I’m pretty sure it didn’t get wet. Should i try charging it longer? I have tried restarting the MP3 player but the screen still won’t work… Does anyone know if it has a screen saver thing or something? I know my camera has that option to turn the LCD screen off when shooting. Anyone know if it is the same with the MP3 player? Any help would be great :smiley:

I registered so I could “horn in” on this post … I’m having the same problem with my 1GB Express - display screen is black and nothing shows on it.  I can still get it to play … right now it’s cycling through radio stations when I press the --> arrow - I can’t access the menu to change it to play my mp3’s.   

Last week while I was out for a walk I was having a hard time seeing the screen so I think I changed the backlight setting, wondering if it would solve my problem.  All I did was create an entirely new problem :/  Is there a way to access the setting commands through my computer so I can turn on whatever it is I seem to have turned off?  I reset it with the Select and Volume Up buttons, updated the firmware (I believe - I’m not sure how to check) and it’s fully charged @ 100%.  I couldn’t try the solution from this post as I don’t have a separate Power button.

Thanks for any help.

Sandra :slight_smile:

Hmm… I’ll see if i can figure out if i can change it on my computer. I’ll let you know if i find something :slight_smile:

Thanks Cookie - did you get your screen working?  I took my walk this morning listening to the radio instead of my tunes, lol.  There are a LOT of commercials on the radio - not so good for setting a brisk pace! :wink:

No… It’s still blank. I did try to see if like you said there may be a way to turn off the black light when its in the computer. But i didn’t see any settings for something like that…  My player is somehow set on shuffle so i can listen to some songs. I really wish i could figure out how to get the screen to work. I could really use the recorder on it… I’m saving up for an ipod nano in the meantime… You should put you player in your computer and copy all your songs to your computer so you still have all the mp3s in case the player just dies on ya… I have a feeling that’s what may be wrong with ours…

Cookie I think we both have the same solution in mind - the pitch and replace solution ;)  I solved my problem today - I bought another MP3 player, lol.  I’ve spent enough time trying to get the old one to work and I just don’t need the frustration.  I copied my MP3’s to my computer, and will load them tonight - tomorrow I walk to Sandra’s Walks Playlist (hehe) - not commericals interrupted by the occasional random song of the 50’s on the radio station :) 

Thanks for trying to help out, tho - good luck - I hope you get your Nano soon!!