Screen doesnt work

I bought my Sansa Fuze+ in the first week of October and it’s been working fine.  Four days ago, my screen stopped working.  The entire screen is black except for a little strip going vertically on the right side, which shows what the regular display would be right there.  I never dropped it, and I don’t remember anything fallin on it.  Worst thing with it is are scratches all over the screen from the MP3 player being in my pocket all the time. It plays normally if i hit play on the pad, but i cant see anything.  Is it normal for the screen to just not work anymore?

ps i tried a hard reset several times, and i left it alone since monday and the display still doesnt work,

wow that is pretty weird

man that would be crappy :frowning:

is there any chance a friend or family member might have done something to it ?

I havn’t heard of this before (I hope it doesn’t happen to me)

My best advice is try contacting someone at Sansa and see what they say

and good luck

Call SanDisk Tech Suupport about an RMA replacement. It’s still under warranty.