LCD screen won't light--but music plays

Hi.  Forgive me if this is a stupid question, I am not very technologically proficient.  I had my express in a little pocket in my purse, and it’s possible the buttons were bumped while it was in there.  When I turn my express on, the music will still play, and I can navigate with difficulty, guessing where I am on the menu.  But the LCD screen does not light up.  I wonder if the contrast has simply been turned down?  I tried navigating to the settings to change the contrast but without being able to see the menu it is impossible for me to know what I am doing.  The light does still come on around the buttons, just not on the screen.  Any suggestions?  Thank-you.

I think theres a hardware problem with the device. Why dont you call sandisk technical support i believe its a hardware issue. just dial 866-726-34-75

Thanks for replying.  I called tech support and they advised me it appears to be a hardware problem on the device.  They want me to take it to Best Buy to have them double check it on their computer and then call back for an RMA.  It will be the 2nd time I’ve had to return this product.  I like it, but I hope it works better this time.

mine also have that kind of problem but only during recording

I have had my Express 1g for a little over a month and mine just started doing this exact same thing yesterday. I am on my way to Best Buy to return a Sansa Shaker that stopped working after about an hour of being used, if they can tell me anything about the express screen problem I will post it when I get back.

Well, Best Buy couldn’t figure out what was wrong eith my express, but they did let me exchange for a new one. I got a mp3 player made by another company. I also returned a Sansa Shaker and got another company’s mp3 player. No more Sansa anything for me!