I had posed some earlier difficulties with the secure access software that comes with the Extreme USB3 drive. I htought all was finally figured out. My experience now is that removing the drive before logging off mans that I have to reinstall the software again when I log back into Widows;plugging the drive in when I’m logged on does not otherwise open the manager. And, of course, I have to run it as an administrator, which is a reasonable security measure, of course, but not something I’m allowed to do at work, making the vault worthless there. I’m going to have to find another application and toss this one.

Sorry Ulodesk.  FWIW  I am unaware of any security apps that don’t require Admin privileges.

How about turning off User Account Control here? I think it can be a work around although I haven’t tried this yet.

And do you think he can do that without Admin Privileges?