Disappearing song on sansa clip+

Can anyone tell me how we have lost all the songs we put on over the weekend. We initially put 7 on to see how we got on and that was successful and deleted the sample songs. Then we made up the songs to about 30 and played them successfully. This weekend we thought we would start putting lots more songs on and spent a lot of time doing so. When we went to play it there were only 7 songs on, 2 were the first ones to go on and 5 of the last ones out of about 50 or so. We put the battery on to charge today and when we switched on again it came up with 1 of 2 (the original ones we put on) so where have all the other ones gone and why did they appear and then disappear? We haven’t gone into delete at all and the problem is not a consistent one, we have done nothing different to what we did the first time around.

The songs we downloaded are from cds we put onto the computer.

Are the songs mp3 files? How did you transfer them to the player?

An easy way to fix the problem, assuming that you have copies of the songs on your pc, is to format the player using the player’s menu-settings> system settings> format. This will delete all the songs on the player. Set the usb mode on the player to MSC. Settings>System settings>usb mode> MSC. Connect the player to the pc and copy and paste folders of songs to the player.

 If the songs don’t show up properly on the player itself, then your tags might need to be edited. The free program mp3Tag is great for easily editing tags. It is best to edit tags on the copy on the pc, then delete the copy on the player, and copy the songs to the player.