Deletion of songs on Sansa

I have a Sansa Clip and when my friend was addint songs to it she never turned it on, just plugged it in, transfered songs to it, and then unplugged it. When I turned it on all of my 353 songs were gone. Anyone know if I can retrieve them somehow or why this happened?

She probably used Windows Media Player with “Sync automatically” turned on. That’s one of the results of that setting.

That is how I download my music and that has never happened before.

But if she used a different computer, the same songs wouldn’t be on it, so WMP would remove anything it found on the player that wasn’t on that computer.

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So the majic question then is there any way to get my songs back??  It is funny as the memory is showing used up like it is still holding the 350 songs somewhere but only 33 songs are on my player

Try switching your USB mode…they may still be on your player, just hidden.