Problems adding songs thru My Computer

My computer sees the device.  I dragged 200 songs to the player and they’re all there when I look at the device through “my computer”

But when I turn on the mp3 player disconnected from the computer, only 30 are there.  As soon as I connect it to the computer the folder shows the 200 songs.

I’m confused!  Wish I’d thought to try this sooner - it’s a gift that I planned to give (loaded with songs) tonight :frowning:

I can’t figure out why all the songs I dragged over are there when I look at the device on “my computer” in the Sansa Clip music folder but only 30 songs are there on the device when it isn’t connected to the computer.

Help?  Please and thank you in advance

Are your mp3 files tagged? The way I see it, the player heavily relies on them.

Did you look for them on the Clip+ under the Folders option under Music?

Are they listed as ‘Unkown’ in the player’s listings? If so, it’s an ID3 tag issue.