133 songs listed when plugged into the computer; only 90 available to play - where did my songs go?

I use a Macbook, and I transfer my songs to the Clip+ by dragging and dropping from iTunes. In the Clip+ folder that comes up on my computer when it’s plugged in, it clearly says I have 133 songs and 2.68 G left of space on the player. When I unplug it from the computer and press “play all”, it gives you the number count of how many songs you have on the screen of the player, and it only says I have 90. I plugged it back in to see if maybe those didn’t transfer or maybe they were corrupted, but no - it came up again that I have 133 songs and they all play through the computer fine.

Why aren’t these 43 songs being recognized? Any suggestions?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

A couple of possibilities:

  1. The ‘missing’ songs are in an un-supported format (like Apple’s proprietary.aac or .m4p).
  2. The ‘missing’ songs have incomplete, wrong format or missing ID3 tags.