songs in my clip

hello all i just bought a new sansa clip and i am having trouble getting to all the songs.  Can someone help me??  I am using an  I MAC  computer and everything seems easy enough.  I put 178 songs adding up to around 750 meg of music.  When i look at the clip on the computer i see and can get to all the songs just fine.  But here is the rub  when i unplug the clip and try to see all my songs flipping through the screen in the Music fold i only have 69 songs.  When i am listening to a song i can see the readout I.E.  1/69 songs.  Where are all the rest and how do i see them.  I have unloaded and uploaded my songs at least 10 times with the same result???

First guess… are the missing songs in a format the clip doesn’t play?  SInce you’re on a mac, songs purchased on Itunes are in aac format which doesn’t work.  That is probably also the default for CD’s you rip yourself with itunes.

If this is the case, you should re-rip your CD’s to mp3 or Ogg/vorbis format.  If your itunes downloads are “plus” (high bitrate and no DRM) you can convert them to one of those formats, but I don’t know what programs to use on Mac.

Another thing that would keep them from showing up is if for some reason the Clip can’t read the tags (imbedded artist, album, and track name)

thanks  your right  69 songs were mp3  and the rest in mpg4  i am now converting all my songs to mp3 and choose that format for all ripping in the future

i will get back to you if all goes well thank you