Sansa Clip....Itunes on MAC...HELP!!!!!!!

I am having problems downloading CD’s to Itunes on MAC and getting them to show up on my Sansa Clip.  I changed it to download as MP3 but they are still either NOT downloading onto my clip or if they do they show up as mpeg on my clip when I view my music on the computer.  KWIM?

What am I doing wrong? I have download many CD’s onto itunes on MAC and not had any problems until today. 


iTunes doesn’t recognize Sansas.  You’ll need to copy the MP3s to your Clip manually, or use a different music manager program, like Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey or WinAmp.

Hello, I’ve had the same problems with my daughters Sansa Clip and itunes/ my iMac. After quite a few hours :womanmad: I have finally sussed it.

Here are my hot tips from a Mac newbie- open up your itunes music library; plug in clip and open up music file from it; highlight the album/ song to be put onto the clip; go to “file” drop down in itunes and click “show in finder” which will bring up a new window with the song(s) in it. Highlight each song and in the advanced drop down “create mp3 version”. You should then have 2 versions of the song- just drag & drop the mp3 version into your music file on the sansa clip. Repeat as necessary. It seems a bit long winded at first, but this way you don’t have to download any media players, and if I can understand it anyone can :womanvery-happy: HTH.