2GB Clip....downloading CD's using Itunes on Mac??? Help

My computer is recognizing my SansaClip but I don’t see it when I open Itunes.  We have downloaded music to another Sansa Clip 1GB before but I don’t remember how we did it.  

Am I missing a step?  Shouldn’t it show up as a device on the left hand side of Itunes?  Help me get some music on my CLIP.  


iTunes doesn’t natively support devices that are not made by Apple exept a few motorola cellphones and some really old devices it used to support when the iPod wasn’t the succes it is now. You still can search for a plugin that will enable the synchronization of your music on it or you can drag and drop using either the finder (you might end up with a problem common to about all mp3 players that do not have the mac’s filesystem) or using a software like kopymac.

good luck

OR use iToons to rip the CDs into MP3 then plug the clip in in MSC mode and copy the music using drag and drop.

(Under settings - USB mode)

If you upgraded the firmware Or formatted the Clip it might be in the wrong mode.