SanDisk Clip 2GB copies and skips songs randomly

I just ordered my sansa clip from Amazon and got it today. I’m on a Macbook.

Plugged the Sansa Clip into the computer and dragged and dropped 50 mp3 files into it. Then when I tried to use it, there are 75 songs on the song database. Some of them are clearly copies. Problem is, the Sansa skips the first 26 songs on the “All Songs” list and goes to the 27th. When I try to play a song from the first 26 it skips straight to the 27th. I tried to repair the disk on Mac Disk Utility but nothing changed. The skipped songs are copies, and there are versions that actually DO play in the playlist. But it’s annoying. Also when I plug the Sansa back in the Finder only shows 50 songs. Anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks!

Your Mac is inserting Finder “ghost” files that although 0kb size are being interpreted by your player as actual songs. Finding nothing in the file, the player naturally skips over them. They will also ‘count’ as tracks as far as the counter goes.

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Macs just do this–create ghost files that can choke accessory devices–when operating on non-Apple devices.  Try using freeware Hidden Cleaner or KopyMac to transfer files from your Mac.