Clip+ deletes newly added files on refesh

Hey all,

I have had this problem twice now in the past week.  First it happened after I added a bunch of new music to my Clip+ … at a random power up, the device went through a “refreshing media” prompt.  After it was done, I noticed that all of the music I had added a few days prior was GONE.

This happened again today.  It’s frustrating.  Any one else have this problem?

Are the files in a format the player supports? Are the tags for the songs properly filed in and ID3v2.3 iso 8859-1 which the player needs? When you connect the player to the pc, do you see the files on the player on your pc?

What is the usb mode on the player set to? What format are the files? How were they transfered to the player?

You need to tell us more so we can figure out what is going on.

Files are all MP3s.

As far as I know, the tags are all legit.  I was able to actually play the songs at one point through the player…it just decided on a seemingly random incidence to delete the newly added songs.  Bizarre.

When I looked for the actual files on the MP3 player in Explorer, they had disappeared.  So for some reason or other, the player had decided to delete whatever new tracks I had just added.

Transferred via Windows Media Player.

Thanks for any help!

If you have copies of all the files on your pc, then I suggest you format the player using the player’s menu(settings>system settings> format) deleting all the files on the player. Set the usb mode on the player to MSC

(settings> system settings> usb mode>MSC). Connect the player, and copy and paste folders of songs to the player using Windows Explorer(right click on start, click on explore).

if your tags are in order, this should solve your problems. If your tags are messed up, then you need to fix the tags.

Thanks for information…:smiley:

You might also try reapplying the latest firmware–that sometimes can help with system errors  See the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum. 

well, mysteriously the files reappeared.  wtf?

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