Help with Sansa Clip+!

My problem with the sansa clip+ is that It’s glitching on me in multiple ways.  First off i have multiple songs(all different) but all with the same name.  I tried using various programs to change the metadate(I think it’s called that) but the songs all had the same name still.  Then i tried deleting them and re-adding them, that’s when i noticed that even when i deleted the songs and disconnected my mp3 player the songs were still there, even though i deleted them while they were connected to the computer (I tried using the other USB modes but to no avail).  So then when that happened I just decided to try to wipe all the songs off my MP3 since i had it all backed up on my computer, i tried to format it.  Absolutetly nothing happend (the mp3 just restarted but all my music and stuff was still there, including the glitched songs).  So then i tried to factory reset, all it did was make the screen brighter, any help?

-update(is there an edit button on my previous post that i just don’t know about?)(oh and it’s metadata, not metadate (on the previous post).  So I just decided to try to manually delete all the songs off my mp3 by plugging it onto the computer and deleteing it all.  But now my mp3 is stuck in refreshing your media, it goes all the way to the end, then just stays there doing nothing.(I’ve tried to reset it already, but it’s just staying stuck there not moving (It might be that i havn’t waited long enough(about 3-4 minutes), but i don’t think so))