Direct download of Podcast to Fuze - is it possible?

First of allthanks to all for help in getting started.

Without this forum I would still be fumbling.:smileyvery-happy:


Question: Can downloading to PC be bypassed with a direct download of say a PODCAST?

I read about AUDIBLE and will try that next.


If you use MSC mode, the Fuze just appears as a disk drive, so you can tell your podcast downloading program to store it in the Fuze’s podcast directory.


Have a look at this site: I’ve been used this program successfully for some months now - the program can be installed directly on to the fuze and therefore the podcasts you are interested in are loaded directly on to the fuze and not to your PC.  PS it’s free :smiley:

THANKS for this info. It seems like this would work with an IBOOK?

Can the Fuze be in auto-detect mode?

hi there, do you know if i just sign up for this pod ready sight? seems like a great sight to join, im hoping you could help me, or is there a download on there that i have to download

hi shimbo, i was hoping you could help me, i love podcasts, but i cant seem to figure out how to get them onto my sansa fuse grey 8gb player, i was looking at this post and went to the podcast ready sight that you told that person to go to, do i just sign up or download something? hope you can help me!! thanks…kittykatt67

KittyKatt  You do have to download onto the Fuze {though you could alternatively download the program to your computer and drag and drop loaded podcasts to your fuze - this is OK but a nuisance if like me you use a number of computers}.  It is a long time since I did this and a quick look at the site suggests that they have [attempted to! - though it seems more complicated now] improve the download options.  When I downloaded the program I simply downloaded it to my computer and then dragged and dropped the whole file containing the program to the micro card I use for podcasta and audiobooks with my fuze.  It seems that now you go to the download section and to download myPodder click the blue ‘Download Now’ option and follow the step by step instructions that will then appear - during this you will also have to sign up for an account {free}.  [In my case this would involve selecting windows OS - you would need to choose which is correct for you.]  If you download to your computer and then drag it to the Fuze you could save a bit of memory by not including the pdf instruction file.  For ease of use I also sent a link to the desktop of my main computer to myPodder from fuze.  I have not tried AutoPodder so can’t comment on that program. Sorry this is not very detailed but hope that it is of some help - good luck. 

Interestingly I see that they link Sandisk as a partner at the bottom of the download page…

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