Getting podcasts into the Fuze from iTunes? Need basic steps, please.

We just got an iMac and I was amazed to find that with all the features it comes with, it doesn’t let me synch my Fuze so I can download podcasts. OR, am I missing something? Is there someplace on the web that provides a step-by-step guide to adding podcasts from iTunes to the Fuze (or any Sansa player that’s Fuze equivalent)? I need non-technical info, please. Acronyms at this stage just scare me!  I surely hope that I don’t have to keep our Windows PC JUST to do this one task!  Help, please.

you can not use itunes to sync to the fuze.

you will need to put the fuze in MSC mode and connect it to your imac. it should mount as a disk on the mac desktop. your podcasts will need to be in mp3 format (aac itunes default is not compatible witht he fuze) if your podcasts are in mp3 format then you can drag and drop them to the podcast folder on the fuze.