Did EVERYTHING and still no update on my fuze

OK, I followed all instructions, downloaded the update, ver 1 , as mine is V01.01.11A. Extracted it to a file, hooked up the unit and loaded the file into the “intrernal memory” or root directory. Unplugged the unit and it said refreshing your media. It never did what  it suppose to do. I shut it off, reset it try it again,etc. all the while it still has the same vers. Every time I would delete the update and start all over again. (I did this with all 3 USB modes.)

So now I am looking for a voodoo doll to help me light the fuze.

Any ideas???

Maybe it’s ‘return’ time?

Could very well be…I just got done shutting it off before disconnecting and then turning it on, file is still there but no update.

It is a mystery as big as what did we do before blue tarps!:smileyvery-happy:

Boy do I feel stupid,:mansad: Ia kept moving the FOLDER, not the file itself. DUH! It is fixed, thanks for the help.

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