Device Stage in Windows 7

Does anybody else use this for synching?

It seems to work well syncing to my internal memory (I have the 8-gig, V2) but I can’t figure out how to sync to my 8-gig microSD card. My computer recognizes it but Device Stage does not “see” it.  Am I missing something?

I don’t sync. But this sort of problem usually involves the USB mode. Settings/System Settings/USB Mode.

MSC will make it work as two disc drives (internal memory and card slot)–not sync, just drag-and-drop.

MTP should sync via Windows Media Player, but it can be funny about the external card because of digital-rights stupidity.

Auto Detect goes to MTP if you have a current Windows Media Player, MSC if not, and often screws up, so pick a mode yourself.

Ah, I see. Switched to MSC and did a drag and drop and everything works. Only problem is I don’t have album art showing up, but I can live with that.