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Dumb question BUT I’m used to drop and drag (however…on this nice Dell pc of mine I get delayed write failure errors when trying to copy music in MSC mode - works fine at work)…so for home I have to use WMP.  I really don’t want to sync that way but I think that’ll be my only choice.  My question is, once I have a decent amount of music on here and down the road want to add maybe another album or 2 - do I have to “re-select” all the music that was originally put on there in addition to the new songs or can I just select the new songs I want to add, click start sync and it adds that on the end of what I already have?

Part 2, in MSC it shows up as 2 drives. MTP does not, so if I add a microSD card does it just automatically know to put any overflow onto that?

Adding an additional album is a matter or selecting “rip CD”, adding your new CD to the library.  If you’re online, the album art will be available.

Once your Sansa is connected, click the Sync tab, and then your device will appear in the upper right.  Then, click Album or Songs, in the Library tree at the left.  These views are a bit funky, but I prefer “songs”, since the display begins with the “Albums” displayed on the left anyway.

Drag and drop the album to the "Sync List pane to the right that appears while the device is connected, and press the Sync button below that once you’re ready.

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Yes but will I have to choose the same songs that were already on there each time, or when I want to add new songs can I just hit cntrl on the keyboard and choose those, click sync and it will add it on top of what is already on my Fuze?

And does anyone know about the memory slot question as far as MTP mode?

I had the same problem with my older 2GB SDMicro Card.  I don’t think the older card could keep up.  You can use Drag and Drop in MTP mode, simply open the player in Windows and choose the internal memory section and drag and drop into the music folder.

As far as drag and drop in MSC mode, I haven’t had an issue on the main memory of the fuze.  I use Winamp in MSC mode to transfer (Autofill of Albums) and haven’t had an issue as of yet.  I can’t address your issue if you are doing it to main memory, because I rarely drag and drop to the internal memory. 

Dragging and Dropping in MSC mode to my new 8GB HC SDMicro card is flawless so far.

NOTE:  If you have WMP 10 installed, the player will enumerate as two separate devices, simply choose the one you want (internal or uSD card).  If you have WMP 11 installed, the device will show up as a single player, and opening it up will reveal an internal and external portion.  Simply open which ever one you want to transfer to, and drag and drop in there.

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