can't sync music to microSD

I recently bought a new microSD card.  I was originally able to sync my Christmas music to it.  Today, I tried to sync some more music to it, and Windows Media Player just zips through the list of songs to sync, and marks them all with a status of “Error”.  I tried reformatting the card, and tried to sync again.  That didn’t help at all.

I am seeking a way to fix this, or at least get more useful information so I can debug the problem.

My system is Windows XP SP2, with Windows Media Player 11.

Where are the ‘target’ songs located? I’ve deleted & moved around songs on my computer before and WMP still lists the path of the previous files as well as the newer locations, even though it is set to moniter & update the library.

One more reason to avoid WMP!

Why don’t you simply drag & drop the files from your computer to your Fuze and/or card? Or you can rip directly from CD’s to your Fuze, by-passing the hard drive altogether.

Supposedly with the Fuze, you can be in either MTP or MSC mode to do this. I can’t confirm this as I only use MSC. With the e200 series, the content had to be put on the memory card in MSC mode. You may want to switch your player and try it this way.

And I wouldn’t trust the ‘Auto-Defect’ setting. :wink:

Yes, the v1 devices had that limitation (MSC).  The v2 devices, and subsequently, the Fuze, can work in MSC or MTP.

For “error” tracks, select “delete from the library and my computer”, then reload them.  All should be repaired at this point.

I’d venture that WiMP’s biggest problem, beyond its “mind control” attitude as designed, is its horrible user documentation.

Try deleting the tracks from both “venues”, and reload them.  Let us know what happens!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: