Device Stage in Windows 7

Does anybody else use this for synching?

It seems to work well syncing to mypayday loans onlineinternal memory (I have the 8-gig, V2) but I can’t figure out how to sync to my 8-gig microSD card. My computer recognizes it but Device Stage does not “see” it.  Am I missing something?

Let me give you some advise about asking for help. Always try to give as many important details as possible. I could spend all day guessing what you problem might be, and odds are, none to them will be correct.

What exactly happens when you try to sync to the memory card? Do you get an error message? If so, what does it say? How are you trying to sync? Through Windows Media Player? Perhaps you are using some other software?

This information will help in trying to figure out what is going wrong. Otherwise, we are making blind guesses.

I don’t use WMP but I know that in past it has been reluctant to sync to a memory card because–


–you might put that card in another player and become  a dangerous music pirate.

If you want to put your files on the card, try switching via Settings/System Settings/USB mode to MSC and just dragging the files over. If they are not cripped with Digital Rights Mess they should work.