Device has stopped working and wont even switch on - please help !


I put an external memory card into my device for the first time and it has resulted in my device not working. I took the card out and it has made no difference. When I click on the start button nothing happens. The device was fully charged too.

Ive no idea what to do at all. If I cant switch it on and it isnt recognised when I attach it to the computer, what can i do ?

Please help !

Did you try a system reset?  With the original Clip, hold the on switch uppermost for 20-30 seconds or more; with the Clip+, hold the on button down for 20-30 seconds or more.  And some people have reported needing to hold the switch for a minute or more.  

Okay I tried that but it doesnt make any difference.

It all started when I put a Sandisk memory card into the device and it stopped working. The memory card is no longer in it but it still wont switch on. I dont know what difference the memory card made to it but something has happened !

You might try attaching the Clip to a power source and leave it that way for awhile (like a day or 2)–the player has been known to come back to life that way.  If, then, it does, check the battery charge and charge it to full, if not yet there.