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Hi, I am new to this community and I hope someone can help me.

Yesterday I bought a Sandisk Ultra plus 256 Gb SSD and placed it in a Dell Vostro 1710 with bios A12. When I start my system, the dell splashup screen appears and the harddisk led stays completely on. Nothing seems to happen. I then press F2 and it says entering the bios for a while. It seems to be searching foor the disk. When I eventualy get into the bios it reports no harddisk drives. I press ESC and F10 to leave the bios and the system wil start, just a blink on the harddisk light and it goes to Windows 7 realy fast. Everithing seems to work perfectly. I rebooted the system from within Windows and got into the bios, real quick, and I see the system has recognised the SSD. 

It seems the system won’t recognise the SSD in a cold boot. I have checked and I have the right firmware. X2306RL.

Anyone else has this problem, it has nothing to do with the operating system as it had this problem when I first installed it out of the box, empty.

thanks in advance

ok, I searched this forum a bit and I think the problem is related to the speed. My laptop supports SATA 3, the SSD starts with sending SATA 6 wich the laptop don’t recognise, with a coldboot it spits out SATA 3 commands, the laptop then picks this up and works. Is there a tool to set the speed tot SATA 3 definitly?

This looks like a tough one. I can only assume that this motherboard is not compatible with the ssd. But any progress to this yet?

Hi, I have similar problem with Dell Optiplex GX620 and 64GB version Ultraplus, on first boot the system hangs on Dell screen as if searching for drive, it then eventually reports no drive found, if I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL then it starts over and finds new drive immediately with very quick boot up time, and the system works well the rest of the the time. I have ensured I have all latest BIOS and firmware. Yes I see the other thread that reports similar issue.

I don’t understand, that Sandisk does not post anything about this. It seems, that several people having issues.

In the next weeks, I’ll test a Samsung SSD and I am pretty sure, that it does not have this problem.

Due to it low price, SanDisk Ultra Plus SSDs are mainly used for upgrading old PCs or laptops, rather than using them in new PCs where people want the fasted SSD available.

So I hope, we are not the only ones with this problem and SanDisk is already working for a solution.

I’ve contacted the SanDisk support some time ago, but the guy only supposed to update my laptop BIOS. The machine is 5 years old, so there is no BIOS update!

It also seems, that the SSD is running in SATA1 mode. But the chipset supports SATA2. So the compatibility mode problem theory might be right.

(The southbridge is a ICH8M-E from Intel.)

I’ve just testet a Samsung Evo 500GB SDD in my laptop. And suprise: It works!!!

No issues like this…

Yes!!! Try the new Sandisk Ultra Plus firmware X2316RL. It worked for me. Finally no problems anyore. I am so happy.

Hello here,

I also bought a Ultra+ 128 for the very same GX620, and I’ve the same problem with it.

Once installed, to cold boot, I’ve to boot twice with BIOS parameters modification in between.

Which is the firmware you’re talking about?

My firmware is said up-to-date with the 2306, but you’re talking about a 2316 firmware.

Thanks for your help, regards…

The 2316 firmware was only available for a short time, because some users had problems updating and destroyed their drives.

But it seems, that sandisk released a post to manually update your ssd.

Although it says 2306 in title, the links itself are called 2316. So I think you could give it a try.

Good luck!

And please save your important data before updating!

Hear’s a post of the sandisk admin on forum:

"Notice for users that Previously upgraded to Firmware Version X2316RL

Some systems have a compatibility issue with the USB or CD-ROM bootable system image and the FFU does not start or fails during the FW update process. There are no issues with the firmware and if you previously upgraded successfully you will not be affected by this issue. While we investigate this matter, we have decided to remove the new firmware from the SSD Toolkit"

So the problem is not fixed, as it seems.

 Hi, I have the same problem anh use the 2306 bios version. Have you suceeded to fix your problem ?

For me 2316 fixed the problem on my Toshiba Satego x200. But as mentioned in my previous post, there is a risk of braking your device when updating. I only could give you the 256gb version bios file, if you are willing to try.

I just joined the club of people whose dell laptop will not work with a sandisk ssd.  I have a Dell Latitude and when I installed a sandisk ultra plus 256gb hd,  the drive is not detected.  I spent a lot of time trying to understand this, until I saw reports of many users with the exact same problem.   Next drive is a Crucial.  They work flawlessly in my other latitude laptops in the office, as long as the firmware is updated.

there is a risk of braking?


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