SanDisk ultra 120gb ssd Dell E5520 incompatibility

Laptop is Dell Latitude E5520, updated to latest bios (A07)

Only HDD in the system is SanDisk Ultra 120GB, updated the firmware to latest (365A13F0)

The problem: When powering the system on, I get  “no boot device detected. Press any key to reboot”. After I press on any key, the system reboots and starts normally without any glitch.

Looks like the Bios in E5520 doesn’t detect SanDisk at all on the first try, but once soft rebooted it finally detects it.

I spoke to Dell tech support and they also hinted that there might be a compatibility issue. The irony is that SanDisk ultra 120GB works on dell D630 (older generation laptop) without any problems.

Is there any hope I can solve this issue without purchasing a different brand SSD?


It seems I have resolved the part of the problem by booting from a win 7 recovery disk and running a repair. I still get “No boot disk detected” error after computer wakes up from hibernation. I guess I can live with that.