Deleting Songs Problem, Help.

well i went to delete some songs off my sansa clip on the My Computer\Sansa Clip 2GB, and then i went over to the media player and it shows that the songs i just deleted are still on my device… so i tried deleting it via media player… and it tells me:
“windows media player can not delete a file from the device.”

and if i check the player it does indeed tell me there are no songs on the player… but at the same time if i check the memory, it shows that something is taking up space.

i tried installing the newest update, version 01.01.20A… still the same thing…

i even tried following this advice, which i got from another post on this forum:
“To delete the database in a v2 put it in MSC mode, look in the root directory (just the driveletter) and delete mtable.sys.”

still nothing…
how can i resolve this problem?

thank you for your help.

since you’ve already tried deleting everything and that didn’t work, I would suggest formatting the device. To do this, go to Settings on the Clip and find the Format option. choose ‘yes’ and the player will format and the memory should be reset.