Cannot Delete Music Files

Have attempted SEVERAL times to delete the music files based on the 2 separate set of instructions.

After each attempt, the music files keep coming back.

I tried using the system settings format option too, that is suposed to wipe out all info on device.

That hasn’t worked either.

I can’t even add new files to device.

Please advise.  I don’t want to throw the device away.

Thank you.

Please delete your multiple posts.

Are the songs on the unit’s internal memory or on the microSD card? Format won’t touch the microSD card. For that you can just put the unit in MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB), connect to Windows and Format the card to FAT32. Or put the microSD in a card reader on your computer and Format to FAT32.

What USB Mode were you using when you added the songs? Connect in that mode and your computer should be also able to delete songs. Then pick one mode (I’d suggest MSC) and reload.

Also, in MSC mode, delete MTABLE.SYS, the index of the files, in case that is retaining incorrect information.

Thanks, Black Triangle.
I followed your steps.
Music files still won’t stay deleted.

Also, sorry about posting this issue more than once. It’s my first time on this board and wasn’t sure my initial attempt to post was successful.

I hadn’t used the mini disk thay came with device, so I didn’t use it to format or try to resolve this issue.
I no longer have the disk. A cleaning effort was done recently and I believe it got thrown out.

Please advise of any other suggestions.
I don’t know what else to do.

Thank you.

Sorry, meant Black Rectangle.

The little disc doesn’t have anything useful on it–don’t worry about it.

Where were the songs? On the microSD or on the unit’s internal memory?

Can you get a computer connection in MSC mode?

"Where were the songs? On the microSD or on the unit’s internal memory?

Can you get a computer connection in MSC mode?"

Hi BR,

I believe songs are on internal memory. I don’t know how to use the microSD, so I don’t believe I ever used it. Yes, I’m one of those people who is fearful of technology and doesn’t know what they are doing.

I tried several times erasing files both on device and via USB to laptop. The files erase initially, then end up coming back.

I followed your instructions and put device in MSC mode, then again attempted to delete files via laptop connection (I wasn’t connected to Internet though…not sure if that matters). As again, files deleted temporarily, then came back. I also tried deleting in MSC mode while unconnected to laptop, so was deleting just via the device. Same result - files deleted initially, then came back.

Please help. I don’t know what else to do.

No need to fear technology. Just expect some quirks.

You may have to empty the Recycle Bin on your computer to make sure files aren’t left behind.

USB Mode is how the Sansa communicates with the computer. There are two kinds of connection, MSC and MTP.  They’re like two different pipelines to the same tank.

In Settings/System Settings/USB Mode you’ll also see Auto Detect, which chooses MTP on Windows computers and MSC on others.

Connecting in MSC mode is like connecting a flash drive, thumb drive or any other USB drive.   In MSC, the Sansa looks like two disc drives with separate driveletters: one called SANSA CLIP, one called Removable Drive (which is the microSD slot, and which you should definitely use to put more music on the player).

MTP is a different connection involving Windows Media Player.

Here’s the annoying part: The computer can only recognize material through one pipeline at a time. So if you sent the files by MTP, it has to be in MTP mode. Put it in MTP, look for files, delete them, empty Recycle. Then put it in MSC, find files, delete them and empty Recycle.

Then leave it in MSC mode and look around in there for MTABLE.SYS, which is the listing the Sansa makes of the files. Delete MTABLE.SYS (ignore the Windows warning that it’s a system file–it’s ok to delete it). Make sure you empty Recycle, disconnect and the Sansa will build a new MTABLE.SYS . It may be showing you nonexistent files because it still has the old MTABLE.SYS, but if it’s truly empty, MTABLE.SYS will have nothing to list.

And if stuff still won’t delete…I’m baffled.