I bought a 1G Sansa Express at Future Shop, took it home, charged it up, loaded it with some tunes. The headphones it came with were broken (sound only came out of 1 ear) so today I bought some new ones. I was listening to the radio and there was nothing on so I switched to mp3s and it started playing one (But the song never actually started) and then it just blacked out. I can’t turn it on or do anything and when I plug it in to my comp it doesn’t get recognized and nothing happens… it’s completely dead. After quickly browsing through this forum it seems alot of people are having issues with their Express players and I’m starting to wonder if I made a mistake in purchasing one and I should try to get my money back instead of an exchange… My friend bought the C2something (the one that looks iPodish, 4G) and hasn’t had any problems as of yet apart from the back was scuffed (new, right out of the box).

well i think i did a “hard reset” (holding down volume and select button) nothing seemed to happen (screen didnt light up or anything) but now it’s working… Only out of about the 150 or so songs I loaded it with it’s recognizing 30…

What songs are showing up?  are they all MP3 or WMA?  more information can be helpful for people like me to solve this puzzle ( I LIKE PUZZLES!) … what is the FW of the player?  maybe also try the format under settings and try again

I had this problem and got a replacement. 

I had the same problem with a 2G Sansa Express. In my case, I did also a “hard reset”  and it worked also only with some of the loaded songs. Then I deleted some song files (I didn’t check the files size before… my fault). Now the mp3 is working perfectly… for the moment 

Me likey puzzles too : )

Make sure as well that the songs loaded are from trusted sources. Nothing worse than loading hundreds of songs and then them not playing when you get to work.

I have noticed that my computer may play the songs just fine, But he MP3 players are far more picky. So make sure that you know exactly where your songs are coming from and that they are valid uncorrupted copies.

My device is  also not working. When I am switching on the power button only the Sandisk display is coming for few moments and then the display is disappearing. My computer is also unable to detect the device. Resetting doesn’t work, the hold switch isn’t in the ‘on’ position, and leaving it in the USB port overnight does no good. 



There seems to be lots of posts on the forum on this issue.  But no answer to the problem. Every descripion seems to be the same. Does anyone know why Customer Service and Tech Support are notr esponding to my e-mails about this.  Has anyone recieved an answer from SanDisk.  Thanks.

I have had the same problem, logo comes on briefly then goes away.  Computer will not recognize it.  Resets do not work.

Solution?  If you have a uSD card, plug it in and turn the unit on again.  It fixed mine every time (Sandisk brand uSD).  Oh, and the problem seems completely random.

I recently gave up on the Express and got a C250.  With a firmware DOWNGRADE it works perfectly, and also has a uSD slot.

Good luck with the Express.  Sandisk doesn’t seem to give a rip about it.  The clip has been out just a short while, and has had a fw upgrade already including a description of what was changed (check the Clip Board).  The Express seems like the redheaded stepchild of the family.  I think it’s only hope is something out of Rockbox.

my mp3 isnt working either. It lights up for 2 seconds and then shuts down. does anyone know what to do in this case?